Why Chiropratic

Why See A Doctor of Chiropractic?

Because chiropractors are the only professionals educated, trained and licensed to normalize the structure and function of the body with manipulation and various other means. Chiropractors do not treat symptoms. They treat the cause and attempt to rehabilitate the injured area to prevent future problems.

Numerous scientific studies have verified the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment. Studies show that for some neck, back and other joint pains chiropractic is more effective than medical care or acupuncture.

Patients' satisfaction is very high. 16% of U.S. adults receive chiropractic care. 90% of these patients say their care was effective.

What Happens During a Chiropractic Visit?

A detailed history and exam are performed to ascertain the problem. The patient is advised of the diagnosis and a treatment plan is presented. Manipulation, massage, stretching, heat and traction may be used to normalize alignment, balance, and range of motion. The patient is advised regarding home care. This may include exercise, stretching and lifestyle changes.
Did you Know That...
  • 103,000 people in the US are hospitalized each year because of complications from using anti-inflammatories such as aspirin, Tylenol or Ibuprofen?
  • Studies show chiropractic to be very effective for chronic tension headache and more effective than some medications for migraine headaches.
  • By age 65, 30% of people fall at least once per year. This is often due to a dysfunction of balance receptors in the upper neck. Chiropractic can often normalize this.
  • Pain of recent origin should be treated as soon as possible before a chronic pain syndrome develops making the pain difficult or impossible to get rid of.
  • Children can have muscle and joint problems too. Chiropractic treatment of children is as safe as treatment of adults.
  • Chiropractic care can help to alleviate pain so that medication is not necessary.

Additional Information:

  • Payment for treatment may of course be made on a cash basis.
  • Our office provides for almost all insurance coverage's, PPO's and some HMO's. We accept co-payment as payment in full.
  • We gladly accept difficult or stubborn cases such as auto or work injuries. In these cases, we deal directly with the insurance carriers or attorney lien.
  • We accept most credit or debit cards.
  • Let us know that your visited our web site and receive a 20% discount off your initial visit.
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